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Ashley's Restaurant

WaySearch 1609 S US 1 Rockledge
32955 US
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The land upon which Ashley's was built, is said to be the site of an old railroad depot, that burned to the ground. According to Ashley's of Rockledge's history page, this handsome Tudor-style building was constructed probably sometime after the 1932 repeal of Prohibition. Jack's Tavern was a classy joint, where men wore tails and a top hat, and women wore their nicest dress. Built in a prime location, just off a main highway, and near the railroad, this tavern/pub/eatery survived throughout the years, with many owners along the way, and a change in names to go with the change of ownership. After starting off as Jack's Tavern, it was known as: Cooney's Tavern, The Mad Duchess, The Loose Caboose, Sparrow Hawk, and Gentleman Jim's, before it became Ashley's of Rockledge.
Haunted Activity:
The living have felt icy hands on their shoulders and back.

Some staff who close the restaurant/ sports bar have heard whispering.

Lights have a mind of their own.

TVs turn on and off by themselves.

The entity of an older man —

On his digital movie camera, a paranormal investigator caught an apparition of an older man, with a towel over his arm, standing by the inside bar.

A second investigator got a picture of this entity, standing on the employee's staircase.

It is thought that this apparition is the one who moves the chairs, objects, and straightens the pictures on the walls, still trying to be helpful.

He may also be territorial about the employee's staircase, and may be the one who pushes and chokes people.

The entity of the woman, thought to be Ethel — Is described as being playful at times, and perhaps tries to show others how she died.

She likes to tease the staff in the ladies room:

One staff member was in the stall, when she noticed the shoes of the woman in the stall next to her. The shoes and stockings resembled the 1930s style foot attire; boot-like shape with buttons and high heels. When the staff member came out, the stall was suddenly empty.

One staff member was trying to come out of the bathroom, but a force was pushing the exit door closed, so the staff member couldn't come out. Finally the door was allowed to open.

Sometimes a faint reflection of This entity can be seen in the bathroom mirror.

It may be this entity that tries to show others how her murder began:

With a terrified scream: This alarming scream is heard in the middle of the night, coming from this building, as reported by the police, that have a station right across the street.

With a choking: Some women/men have felt a slight choking sensation around their necks as they travel down the hall that leads to the bathroom, and on the stairs, going up to the second floor of tables.

The entity of the younger man — Could be a victim of an accident, or perhaps is the violent killer of Ethel.

On the second staircase, used by staff, more scarier incidents have happened. Waitresses have been shoved from behind, almost causing them to fall. They have also been choked from behind. A sense of doom is felt on this staircase.

A sense of doom is also felt in the storage area, and some of the corridors.

A paranormal investigator caught this apparition on his digital camera, who was walking through the front door.

If this spirit is angry because he died in a dumb car accident, he may be the one who throws things around the kitchen, breaks glasses, and is responsible for the poltergeist activity in the building.

The little girl or little boy entity — may also be the one behind the poltergeist activity.

Some people feel like they are being pushed either up or down the stairs, like a child wanting attention, and feeling ignored.

Some people have seen a little girl, out of the corner of their eyes, playing and dancing, using the entire space inside and out as her play area.

One group of paranormal investigators came in contact with a little 4 year old boy, through a sensitive and a Ouija Board.

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