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sunrise out my back door my altar march 2015 close up of my altar march 2015 Orbs in one of the rooms. Orbs in Grand Salon Part of the boiler room. The hatch door on the right is where amputated body parts were burned. See the skull image on the hatch door?! Far pillow you can just make out a man\'s face with a mustache and indentation on bed is more pronounced. 
Jerome Hotel use to be a Hospital for miners. Look at far pillow, a face is starting to form. Look at far pillow and indentation on bed. And of course meters going off. Notice now the bed covers are messed and everyone\'s meters were going off. Bed is perfectly made, then...

first pic I took when noticed the movement

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draynes » 3pm - January 1, 2012
couldn't believe my eyes !
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Taken in Unknown Location
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Uploaded on 2012-01-01 15:09:18
From the album series of same pics at same moment, was a pic early am towards my desk where cable box was , i noticed something moving so i snaped 3 or four pics of same area and came up with two different images !