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4 years, 7 months ago by DebPSPI # 14834
May I ask what connection these have to the paranormal?
4 years, 7 months ago by aryo-writer # 14836
Thank you for your question... The different asia with most western it's about their knowladge about paranormal and the device...
You never know what you see nothing but the truth, that's can harm spirit and demonic...
This weapon the one of hundred weapon it which have magic power and guardian inside. It can be active it if you the password (spell). It look like normal weapon, but you never know what the secret behid it look... I think that can answer your question, my friend...
4 years, 7 months ago by iburyem # 14839
It is used in mysticism in Asia to ward off evil spirits. It is a hand carved dagger, that in which is believe with rituals then comes alive to protect the keeper of it.

It follows along the lines of barrier protection spells and mysticism.

Are you presenting this photo to show what you believe helps in the aid of protecting people from evil in Asian cultures? Or is there something about this particular Keris in which you are looking to speak about?
4 years, 7 months ago by aryo-writer # 14843
Honestly it's mine..
this just my equipment.. The guardian from that dagger comes to me and ask me for hold him.
But I am not hold it anymore.. Because I don't need him for a few case only for big case, I will use it.
Ritual? Nope.. I never used it for ritual. Because dagger, sword or sphere.. Etc like that, don't need use in ritual.
all weapon like that, just cast the spell then use it, don't need ritual like vodoo or other culture country have for weapon like that.. For hold that weapon like that, you shoud have high power and make the guardian believe u deserve for hold them and balance their power with u..
In my country.. All practice and don't need lot of stuff for it.. But effective for healing, destroy, rid dark force or etc..
I teach a few thing to american and he have prove it.. Just simple and for many use.. And I ask him for helping people in there who need help..
I don't say u need believe it.. But what I want say.. Just learn and prove it.. That's all..
4 years, 7 months ago by iburyem # 14844
Yes, I understand it is not used during rituals, but a ritual is preformed to which bonds the dagger with the magic in which will supposedly protect the bearer of it.

I myself, have had energy and spirits around me my entire life, but I personally do not use magic. I know there are people who do, and believe strongly in its power
4 years, 7 months ago by aryo-writer # 14846
Yes.. Sometimes... You don't have any option in this life when your fate drag you into the real your destiny... I never want it before and try run away from this all.. But don't know why.. Something bring me back into the path I must suppose to be...
aryo-writer » 3pm - November 23, 2012
It can use make snakes run away when they closed the area which that Keris Naga Runting stab in it ground... It can use too for killing supernatural beings and spell for love attraction (but I never use it the last ones, because I am never interest with love because cast). The spirit guardian of Naga Runting was a black Snake with red eyes and don't have tail.. So they look like only a half body without tail ( I have met the Guardian once, when he intoroduce his self to me as his new master)
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Taken in Unknown Location
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From the album Holly pray & my weapon, This a few of holy pray and my magic weapon I alway use in any supernatural case for protection and againts the evil thing..

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