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woodwytch » 6am - June 1, 2011
This picture was taken on the landing at the top of the stairs of Home #1 ... by Daughter #1 under precisely the same conditions and only seconds later (still no flash used or external lights on in the whole house ... all doors were closed so no outside light source from the street could seep through)
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Taken in Unknown Location
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Uploaded on 2011-06-01 06:25:17
From the album W.I.S.P.S (Woodwytch Investigation of Supernatural & Paranormal Source);, W.I.S.P.S is the name of the small, private Paranormal Investigation team that I founded in 2009. We do not charge a fee and we do not advertise ... we simply help people who we have been recommended to by previous clients (word of mouth is very powerful) ... plus we have a less conventional approach that has proven to be extremely successful (even with the most difficult of cases). What follows are a few photographs taken on a variety of occasions. Enjoy Woody