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8 years, 5 months ago by Philwhi54 # 2646
This stove pipe is not connected to the wall. My daughter bought the stove in S.C. Her daughter said she was afraid to sleep in her BR, because a tall man w/overhauls, white feet, and horns in there. This picture of the Stove pipe was taken after the siting from my G.Daughter.
8 years, 5 months ago by undertaker1 # 2652
Wow you can see the face in the pipe. Very good picture. Would be a huge coisedence to just be the way the dirt formed on it. Is there anything imprinted on the pipe that you can see that may have left that face. Very good catch
8 years, 5 months ago by Philwhi54 # 2681
I didn't noticed the dirt on the face of pipe. As I said this stove was bought by my daughter who lives in Beaufort, S.C. I haven't seen the pipe/and stove personally only from this picture. If there is dirt on the pipe, I am sure my daughter would have cleaned it off because f the younger children. I did say that my granddaughter was freaked out when she seen a tall black man w/white bare feet and horns on his head walking in her bedroom. I later found out that the horns were hair that was napped on the head, and ashes on the feet to give a white appearance. This spirit didn't communicate with, or try to harm anyone. So, I feel it was a Residual haunting taking place there. As far as the imprint on the stove pipe, I am still wanting opinion. The stove pipe is not connected to the wall, and the stove is like an alter for my daughter candles and prayer items. When I found more out since there are a few people taking interest of this picture. I will keep it up dated. Phil W./Oh.
8 years, 5 months ago by crystalcross # 2684
Its not dirt, but its corrosion. You can see that on most of the pipe the original metal color has worn off and is corroded away. But in some spots its not. Here is a high res rendition of that area.


You can see, that its patches. But I must say, when you get farther away and reduce the resolution it is a wonderful example of matrixing. Its amazing how the mind can make sense out of things.
Philwhi54 » 4pm - June 5, 2011
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From the album Strange Mysts, The house is 100+ yrs old, and now demolished. This house was for train passengers lay-overs.