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7 years, 1 month ago by sleepy1md # 2974
Nice pic Z! I'm not sure if it's an orb but i do see a face in it...two eyes and looks like upper jaw with buckteeth.
7 years, 1 month ago by undertaker1 # 2975
Awsome pic zy. Where did you take the pic at?
7 years, 1 month ago by zydecopolka # 2984
I didn't, no clue wtf is going on here today.
ngaspard1 » 2am - June 13, 2011
We was at a dance here in, Murrieta, CA and took some random shots, and we think this maybe an orb?
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Taken in Unknown Location
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Uploaded on 2011-06-13 02:30:30
From the album My ghostly encounters, I usualy sense where spirits maybe, and I use my digital cam and sometimes use my new video flipcam, I havn't tried any evps...yet.

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