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8 years ago by jacque883 # 5439
Wow!!! Nice picture, is he a nice person?
8 years ago by AngelaAdame # 5451
how cool, I would love to go ghost hunting but all our cemeteries are closed ones at night and the town locks up..so I would be the only one walking around int own ..not good..but glad you had fun.
8 years ago by angelstacey7336 # 5456
You Have Some Awesome Pictures Here !
8 years ago by MysteryMan # 5457
You got to meet Zak Bagans? EPIC!!!
SchmidtTalker » 5pm - September 17, 2011
Me and Zak Bagans at Billy's Ghost Hunt, Amargosa, Sept 2011.
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Taken in Unknown Location
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Uploaded on 2011-09-17 17:03:36
From the album Ghost Adventure, Here I am at Billy's Ghost Hunt at the Amargosa Opera House & Hotel at Death Valley Junction, CA