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8 years, 1 month ago by crystalcross # 6444

You had asked me to take a look at your photo, so I'm going to comment on what I see. First off, took the image and enhanced the area of interest so I cold see a bit more what was going on there. Very interesting. Actually its a very nice photograph in itself paranormal or not, because the colors of the tree and the red of the sky in the background really creates for a nice imagery.


Now, on the subject of the orb. If you've followed the various topics of discussion you'll know that a orb picture which can not be explained by other means is a very rare thing. At first glance, I'm going the eliminate the possibility of it being a dust orb because of the multiple orbs in alignment, and also because of the lighted area towards the left of the image.

I'm less intrigued by the orbs than I am by the square lighted area towards the left. That area is curious. But my gut feeling is that the orbs are lens flare caught by some object caught in the flash just off the left of the field of view. I think that the square area is also caused by this. Although I'm not totally convinced.

I will again make a comment though about the importance of uploading the original images. I noticed that the image is a non-standard size and does not have the EXIF camera data embedded. This happens when you re-size the image in some image editing software. This means that its impossible to tell if its an original image or not. Please always remember to upload the original from the camera. It ensures that there is a verifiable chain of evidence.

Great picture though, please keep up the great work and keep at it!
8 years, 1 month ago by polarice7000 # 6449
Hey, I love your photo .. Not really because they are often seen orbs, say it is the call of death ... We must find out, Greetings

8 years, 1 month ago by Paranormal Researcher # 6806
What is the best way to know if a picture like this is an actual orb or just dust or a bug? I have heard different things and am just wondering what others, who have more experience then I have, wish to offer.


Joshua B.
Deedee2911 » 8pm - October 15, 2011
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From the album orbs, Took this while walking around park there is a face on the tree

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